Pilot tariff for owners of heat pump systems



Since July 1st you can apply for being part of the new experimental electricity tariff, if your heating system works only with heat pumps.

The D1 tariff has been designed especially for those who have a middle-high energy consumption a year. At first this tariff will be applied experimentally and is based on a fix kWh price. The actual energy tariff of Italy (D2 and D3) is composed by three components: a fix amount, one related on the rendered power and a last variable amount. This last one is constantly rising, especially in private households with high energy consumptions a year. With the new tariff this last part would be fixed too, so that you always pay the same price for the kWh. That doesn’t mean, that it’s suitable for every household. Who doesn’t have a high yearly energy consumption is recommended to make a few calculation first, to see if it’s worth changing. For a help regarding the calculation and for more information follow the link below.



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