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It’s a pleasure to introduce you to the photovoltaic modules of Waris, which have been added to the products distributed by us.

 Photovoltaik panel Waris

The PV panels of Waris guarantee an elevated quality thanks to the use of the best components, all certified according to European standards. The solar cells used offer high efficiency of conversion of sunlight and make sure that the panels got a positive tolerance of 0 + 5 W. This ensures a constant and stable production of energy. In addition to that the Waris solar panels are also very resistant to weather conditions and extreme temperatures. A few tests passed by Waris guarantee this, like IEC certification, which shows a value of mechanical strength of 5400 Pa, meaning a pressure of 550kg/m².

All Waris modules are certified according to IEC 61215:2005, IEC 61730-1 and IEC 61730-2. In addition they have a 12 year warranty on manufacturing defects and the following warranty on the minimum rated power:

  • 12 years – 90% of rated power
  • 25 years – 80% of rated power

Certificates Warranties Waris


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