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The new novotegra combines the best of two brands: the proven clamping system by novotegra and the sturdy insertion system by Creotecc. We demand a lot from our photovoltaic mounting systems: They have to securely hold the solar modules, be made from durable, weather-resistant materials, and sometimes need to withstand very heavy loads. That is why we make our mounting systems from durable and corrosion-resistant aluminium and stainless steel. Taking the Eurocode load norms into account, they are extremely sturdy and resilient, even at high snow and wind loads. We use high quality materials and reliable production methods. With our certifications and approvals, we can also ensure that this quality will stay high for years to come.

Your Benefits

  • Customized:Substructure and system designs available for a wide range of roof coverings
  • Flexible:Multiple different module fields and keepout areas can be planned on one roof
  • Adaptable:Individually select which components you need from the entire range of novotegra mounting system variants
  • Static:Dimensioning of the TÜVdotCOM certified mounting system according to current regulations
  • Load determination according to Eurocode standards:For all major European countries
  • Optically attractive visualizations:3-D views, roof planning, dimensioning and mounting plans
  • Component Dimensioning:load capacity and serviceability checks, including the availability of data regarding factors such as tolerable rail-overhang and roof hook protrusion.
  • Completely customizable system documentation:For the builders, for the building site, and for project documentation

We are also able provide you with a 10 year product guarantee on novotegra systems because:

  • All components are made of long-lasting materials
  • All components are machined to fit perfectly to one another
  • The dimensioning and design of our mounting systems meets all Eurocode norms and standards
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