New legislation 421/2014



It has been approved a new legislation which refers to wind and photovoltaic power plants that have a power of more than 100 kWp.

To assure the security of the national electricity system, it has been approved the legislation 421/2014, referring to the wind and photovoltaic power systems that have requested to be connected to the middle tension electricity system before January the 1st 2013. The owner of such plants will have to adapt to the paragraph and to the Annex M of the CEI 0-16 3rd edition within January 31st 2016 or at the time the plant is connecting to the electricity system, if that happens on a later date.

The adjustment includes the installation of a possibility to receive messages from the national operator through GSM modem for wind and photovoltaic power systems of a power of more or equal to 100 kWp, to reduce or completely stop the power supply.

For more information you can find here the complete legislation in PDF format:

Legislation 421/2014 Italian


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