Retroactive adjustments for the incentives of photovoltaic


The Italian government now presented new changes reguarding the reimbursement of the costs of photovoltaic systems. These changes won't take effect just for new systems over 200kW, but also retroactive, if the parlament decides to adopt the measures definitly.

The supporter of the photovoltaic and renewable energy tried very hard to avoid other new changes on the incentives for photovoltaic systems. These efforts now seem to have been invain, because the Italian government announced the new directives for the incentives. These new legislative won't take effect just on the new investments of photovoltaic system, but it will be adopted retroactive for already installed PV systems, if the parlament doesn't make any changes on the announced programme. This would mean, that investors of 2011 for example would have to choose between the two given options, too. The first one is to get the reimbursement in 24 years, instead of 20 years and the second one is to get less of the reimbursement, a reduction of approximatly 10%.


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