Category: Accessories
Manufacturer: ABB

Off-Grid Inverter

This new product added to Power-One’s Aurora wind accessories offers more flexibility for small wind applications. The 25 kW Wind Interface is designed to be a ‘smart’ rectifier which once programmed with the turbine’s power curve it can control the output of single or multiple inverters allowing scalability for installation. Additionally it provides over-voltage protection and drives both a diversion load and a dumpload braking system.

Tecnical details:

  • Conversion efficiency at rating: 99.6%
  • Three-Phase input from PMG
  • Unfused path to isolate load
  • Automatic diversion load function proportionally introduced on an external dedicated output
  • Adjustable break and diversion load intervention thresholds
  • Fused wind input to inverter (EU version only)
  • Automatic brake function above adjustable threshold
  • Activation function of external brake resistor
  • Power curve owner
Number of independent MPPT inputs 1 x every Rack
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