Manufacturer: Connet

Datalogger Kit CLEVER View GPRS monophase; kit composed by CLEVER BOX GPRS MONOFASE + 2 CLEVER POWER SENSOR M + CLEVER View + software PC CLEVER for the local supervision.

CLEVER Energy Manager for photovoltaic systems. A complete, rapidly installed, user-friendly supervision and management system. Simple powerful equipment supported by the ”CLEVER WEB”, an efficient supervision and monitoring service offered by the Connet Control Center for ongoing control of the photovoltaic productivity and the domestic users.

Tecnical details:

CLEVER is installed in a few minutes in the home control panel, and contains extremely precise Ampere sensors (0.2% full scale), which measure the energy that is produced and exchanged with the grid, analysing the energy consumed by the users and providing a complete picture of:

  • Output produced and consumed (kW)
  • Energy production (kWh) by time slot
  • Purchased Energy (kWh) by time slot
  • Sold Energy (kWh) by time slot
  • Energy consumption (kWh) by time slot
  • Energy self-consumption (kWh) by time slot
  • Consumption optimisation indicator (shows when the user is on self-consumption or exchange mode)
  • Incentive (Euro)
  • Unlimited datalog of the readings
  • Analysis of the reading log
  • Relay for remote user piloting
  • System productivity monitoring compared with the local reference level in real time (service provided by the CONNET CONTROL CENTER)
  • System alarm performance control (service provided by the CONNET CONTROL CENTER)
Supported inverters Power One, SolarEdge, other brands
Comunication GPRS
Type Datalogger, Smart Metering
Display Touch
Other USB, Potential-free contact (relay), E-mail and SMS alarm, Own power consumption
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