Category: Inverters
Manufacturer: ABB

Off-Grid Inverter

Aurora grid-tie transformerless wind inverters offer a unique combination of high efficiencies, installer-friendly designs and long service life. A major selling point of the Aurora Wind inverter is its very wide input voltage range ensuring power is continuously harvested from the lightest breeze to the strongest wind. The competitive initial acquisition costs matched with the high efficiencies of up to 96.9% significantly increase return on investment on wind-power installations.  This compact, weather-sealed inverter has a programmable 16-point profile which allows a tight match for any compatible permanent magnet turbine.

Tecnical details:

  • Single Phase Output
  • Transformerless operation for highest efficiency
  • Power curve customization with high granularity to reach high level of power production yield
  • Outdoor enclosure for unrestricted use under any environmental conditions
  • Compact size and high power density
  • Optimized real time power curve tracking algorithm and improved energy harvesting
  • High overload capability: works up the power max limits under most ambient conditions
  • Compatible with 15kW and 25kW Wind Interface
  • Compatible with 7200 Wind Interface
  • Compatible with 4000 Wind Interface
Max. AC power 3,3 kW
Number of independent MPPT inputs 2 MPPT
Rated power 3,0 kW
Inverter Type single-phase
Protective devices Switch
Comunication RS485
Trasformer Trasformerless
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