Category: Inverters
Manufacturer: ABB

Central inverter 134kW without LV/LV transformator.

New inverter system based on extractable modules of 67kW of power. Limited losses thanks to the output voltage increased to 380V. For a considerable reduction of the loss due to the mismatching phenomena, each module can be configured in multi-master for up to 6 independent MPPT, or in master slave with a single MPPT to improve the harvest of the energy in case of single failure. The inverter, without transformer, reaches 98% of peak efficiency. Inverter systems are delivered pre-configured and pre-tested, significantly reducing on-site wiring and testing operations.

Tecnical details:

  • New extractable module with increased power up to 67kW
  • Increased output voltage to 380V for limited losses
  • Reduced acoustic noise due to high switching frequency
  • Reverse polarity protection for each module
  • Maximum input voltage up to 1000V, reduced DC distribution losses for large scale PV plants
  • Easy installation and maintenance procedure. Front extractible DC/AC converters and accessibility to all critical parts
  • High efficiency for and increased harvest energy
  • Two independent RS-485 communication interfaces for inverter and intelligent string combiner monitoring
  • Integrated DC disconnect switch for each 67 kW module AC and DC side integrated protection (fuses and OVR) easily replaceable
Max. AC power 134 kW
Number of independent MPPT inputs 2 MPPT
Rated power 134 kW
Inverter Type central inverter
Comunication RS485
Trasformer Trasformerless
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