novotegra for Flat Roofs East-West II

Category: Mounting system
Manufacturer: novotegra


  • No penetration of the roof membrane
  • Increased space for more modules and higher output than south-facing systems
  • Extremely low ballast needs due to optimised aerodynamics
  • Elevation angle of 13°
  • Optimal attachment of modules at their mounting holes
  • Individually adjustable to the conditions of each roof
  • Cost efficient due to the efficient use of fewer materials than comparable systems
  • Utilises the proven components of the Novotegra system
  • Wind tunnel tested
  • 10 year product warranty

Effective: Elevated East-West Configuration II
Material-optimized, cost effective, and familiar novotegra quality: presenting the new Elevated East-West II configuration for flat roofs.
Designed and developed by our novotegra-experts, years of experience with our proven flat roof systems have been directly incorporated into the development of this new configuration.

If the available roof area needs to be utilized to its maximum possible capacity, the flat roof Elevated East-West II configuration is the ideal solution. This variant of the novotegra system enables the installation of almost double the module surface area as conventional south-facing installations. A further advantage is that electrical generation is evenly distributed throughout the day, preventing generation peaks and increasing the amount of electricity available for self-consumption. Installation is remarkably easy: the base troughs are laid out along the module grid and act as both load distributors and ballast for the solar system. The base feet and module supports are then easily clicked into the base rail – without the need for screws – and the modules are fixed with fasteners at the corners of either the long or the short side of their frames. The angle of elevation in this configuration is a fixed 13 degrees.

We have tested both the stability and load bearing capabilities of the novotegra Elevated East-West Configuration II in wind tunnels at 2,4 kN/m2 under variable wind conditions and with strong isolated wind gusts. This material-optimized configuration combines a series of advantages in one system: more kilowatts per roof area, optimized aerodynamics, and low ballast. Simply innovative!

Configuration with the Solar Planit tool

Type of roof Flat roof
Roofing Flat roof
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