LG300N1T-G4 Neon2 BiFacial

Category: PV Panel
Manufacturer: LG Electronics

Enhanced Performance Warranty

LG NeON™ 2 BiFacial has an enhanced performance warranty. The annual degradation has fallen to 0.6%/yr from 0.7%/yr of the previous LG NeON™ module.

Better Performance on a Sunny Day

LG NeON™ 2 BiFacial now performs better on sunny days thanks to its improved temperature coeffi ciency

High Power Output

LG NeON™ 2 BiFacial has been designed using LG’s new Cello technology which is able to achieve high rear effi ciency cell over 92.5% based on front effi ciency.

Bifacial Energy Yield

It is possible to produce 25% more energy and output energy can be increased more under optimized surrounding conditions.

More Generation on a Cloudy Day

LG NeON™ 2 BiFacial gives good performance even on a cloudy day due to its low energy reduction in weak sunlight.

Near Zero LID (Light Induced Degradation)

The n-type cells used in LG NeON™ 2 Bifacial have almost no boron, which may cause the initial effi ciency to drop, leading to less LID.

Cell type Mono crystalline
Cells per module 60
Maximum power 300
Frame aluminum
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